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Autodesk has appointed Vinsys as its Distributor of Learning Products for ATC (Autodesk Training Center) and AAP (Autodesk Academic Partner) since 2010. We ensure our partners deliver qualified, instructor-led training and prepare you for an Autodesk Certification.

Vinsys is a regional distributor for Autodesk Education covering India SAARC, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. As the regional distributor, we are the link between the vendor’s (Autodesk) global program goals and expectations, and the delivery of those goals by the partners we manage.

Vinsys manage 350+ training sites (Authorised Training Centre (ATC)/Authorised Academic Partner (AAP)) in 75+ countries covering 5 languages (English, French, Arabic, Turkish and Hindi).

ATC (AUTODESK Authorised Training Centre)

Autodesk® has a global network of Authorized Training Centres (ATCs) who deliver authorized, instructor-led training across the Autodesk product range. The ATC channel is highly successful because it is professionally run as a business division to provide service, sales and marketing support to Autodesk customers all over the world.

ATC Partners can take advantage of the Autodesk brand equity. Using the Autodesk completion certificates, site certificates and marketing/branding such as email, web banners, signage and posters, means you can capitalize on the power of the Autodesk brand to help maximize your credibility and value

You'll perform faster, smarter, and better with Autodesk software products when you turn to the Autodesk Authorised Training Center (ATC) network. Many organisations provide training on our software, but only the ATC sites have met Autodesk's rigorous standards of excellence.

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What is AUTODESK Certification

If your career requires 2D and 3D design skills, Autodesk can give you a powerful advantage. As the recognized leader in 3D design technology, Autodesk empowers innovative design, presentation, and production across numerous industries. For this reason, companies around the world seek out and promote professionals with expertise in Autodesk software. And when it comes to validating these skills, Autodesk
Certification stands out as a valuable credential. Autodesk Training and Certification is a proven way to acquire the knowledge and competencies you need to excel in Autodesk software, demonstrate that expertise, and accelerate your career success

Today's job market is both crowded and complex. Job seekers need any advantage they can get to help them land the best jobs and empower their success. With Autodesk Certification, you gain a competitive advantage that not only boosts your productivity and value, it also provides an industry recognized endorsement of your expertise.

Benefits of Certification

Benefits for Individual

  • Help gain Industry Recognition for your skil set
  • Improve your Performace and add value to your company
  • Gain Confidance and Peer Recognition
  • Earn a Portable Credential to help job retention and mobility
  • Align with an industry leader
  • Get an electronic certificate suitable for printing and framing
  • Get a certification logo for use on business cards, resumes, and letterhead, identifying you as Autodesk Certified.
  • Become part of an elite team of professionals

Benefits for Employers

  • Gain improved performance and higher value from certified staff.
  • Gain employees that invest to expand their knowledge and further their careers.
  • Help Increase customer, investor and business partner confidence and thereby boost your organization’s credibility, reputation and value.
  • Help Reduce turnover by investing in certified staff through training courses, books and technical materials, practice equipment, time of for study and exams.

Benefits for Institutions

  • Training in Autodesk software
  • Guidance toward professional certification
  • Help integrating Autodesk software into curriculum and student projects
  • Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI) program
  • Introduction to the Autodesk Education Community
  • Autodesk student and educator expert development
  • Support for participation in Autodesk design competitions

Types of Certification

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